Thursday, 29 April 2010

Reader's Question: 'Don't like the look of this!?'

"When out walking the other day came across this; can anyone tell me what it is? and should it be avoided, looks as if it might? Jill". Thanks, Jill. We'd avoid it at least until our kindly bugologist reader has an answer. (Prospero note: We do have a bugologist reader, I'm reliably told . But if anyone else knows, please answer - pronto!)


Anonymous said...

It is the larva of the red striped oil beetle or blister beetle. Called a blister beetle because the adult can give off an oily substance which makes skin sore. Sometimes they are called "curitas" by the Spanish.
You can

Anonymous said...

Please see this link for your beetle : .

I saw one for the first time last week above Jimena.

Cheers Andrew

Anonymous said...

It's a red striped oil beetle. Here's a link: