Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reader's Question: Where and when can you donate food, clothes or toys in Jimena?

(Via e-mail) "Do you know if anyone is collecting food donations for local people in need in Jimena area? I know there was a collection over Christmas but have not heard of anything since.  Also could you remind us all about the ongoing collection of clothes which I know happens at the Casa de Cultura in Estación.  I am not sure about their opening hours or whether they also want household items, toys etc as well as clothes. I’m sure lots of people would like to do what they can to support our community at this very difficult time." We have the answers below, but up here we can tell you what we heard from the Councillor in charge of Social Services, María José Pro: "Things are very, very difficult in Jimena right now. There are a lot of families needing help and I notice a big difference with the situation compared to last year. We really need all the help we can get.">>>
FOOD: You can take packaged food such as unopened tins, bottles and bags to the Social Services office (Asuntos Sociales), which is just up from the Town Hall, on the opposite side of the street, next door, literally, from the tax office. Some examples of what they need: rice, beans/lentils, pasta of all kinds, rice, tinned fruit/veggies, oil (cooking and/or olive), but nothing fresh as it will go off before it can be distributed. Hours are from 8.30am to 3pm on workdays.

CLOTHES: These are collected at the Reina Sofía Cultural Centre in Estación (turn left or right - depending where you're coming from, natch - at the traffic lights by the railway crossing: it's the building with the columns just up the hill on the right). All kinds and sizes of clothes are very welcome, including newish shoes, and baby clothes (they didn't tell us this but we'll bet a package or two of baby nappies would be a great idea). Their schedule there is from Tuesday to Friday 8am to 1pm and from 3 to 7pm. If these hours are difficult, you can leave your donations at the pensioners' day centre bar (right at the end on the ground floor).

TOYS: These are always welcome at either of the above places, but especially around Christmas time, understandably - there are birthdays and Saint's Days in between Christmasses, too. Toys should be in good condition and clean as the volunteers there don't have a great deal of time or facilities to do any repairs or deep cleaning.

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Jan said...

Great information - thank you very much

Andy said...

Great idea we Will now be gong through our House to see what we can donate and getting a few extras at the supermarket,thanks for the info.