Friday, 16 April 2010

'Fascism is alive and well and living in Spain'

So says Alexander Bewick in his most recent explosion of opinion on The Alexander Bewick Soap Box. Falange Española, he says, "is the euphemism used before, during and after the Spanish Civil war for the blueshirt Fascist party of Spain. It still exists as a group, organization or political 'party', whichever you choose to call it. Its members are the ones you see giving the Fascist salute at the kind of commemoration very few wish to remember." Its full title is "a difficult translation at best, particularly when imagining that 'Nacional Sindicalista' could easily have been 'Nacional Socialista' that would very easily be translated to National Socialist, or Nazi." Worth a read, this, to catch up on one of Spain's more shameful -and current- episodes.


PROSPERO said...

By e-mail to Alexander Bewick: "Damn good blog!"

Jan said...

It could just be me but the link to the Alexander Bewick blog doesn't seem to work?

PROSPERO said...

Thank you for that, Jan. As my teachers used to say: check everything, always. I still haven't learned the lesson!