Sunday, 18 October 2009

Reader's Question: Earth tremors in Jimena?

By e-mail: "I understand from a neighbour of ours that some years ago there was an earth tremor in the village - do you happen to know anything about it and what year it happened?" Tremors are a common occurrence in this area but we can hardly feel them. They happen all the time but haven't done any harm as far as we know. Can anyone elucidate further?


Yvonne said...

Tuesda 24th February 2004 (2:27 local time) a shallow strike-slip earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck northeastern Morocco. Felt from Tetouan to Nador and as far south as Fes. Felt (V) at Melilla and (III) in many parts of southern Spain from Algeciras to Roquetas de Mar. Felt (II) at Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen and Madrid. Also felt in Gibraltar.
It was certainly felt in Jimena although there was no structural damage.
We have a set of windchimes indoors which started chiming about that time and then again an hour later. We could find no other reason for this so put it down to just enough movement to swing the chime bar.

Simon said...

This map shows earthquakes in Spain the last 10 days

And this one shows one quite close two days ago!!


Sancho said...

There was certainly an earth tremor with its epicentre in Estación de Jimena in recent years. I cannot be precise about when it was - probably between 2000and 2003 and apart from the news report at the time few people knew anything about it...and there was no damage.

PROSPERO said...
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sue said...

The earth has´nt moved for me in quite some time....but I´m not complaining!!