Friday, 20 November 2009

How to post a comment

We´ve noticed that we are receiving a lot fewer comments than before. The new system may be just a bit more complicated than the old, but it is designed so that we get hardly any spam, with which we were plagued in the past. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to get your comments to us other than by e-mail. Incidentally, we do not publish Anonymous comments (though we've made an exception below as an illustration) but we will publish comments signed with 'nicks' (nicknames) as long as they are not offensive.>
Part of a comment received this morning but unpublished (except here) because it's Anonymous: "I think I've finally cracked the new comments system - the trick is to open the article fully and click on 'Post a comment' - not to click on the little envelope, which is much more complicated. Setting up a google account was easy - took about 30 seconds." Er... no, not quite right, but this, of course, is why we've posted this article.

Step one: click on the word comments below the item on which you wish to comment. (Clicking on the envelope will allow you to e-mail the article to a friend - please do so)

Step two: When the window appears, write your comment and then scroll down.

Step three: Write in the squiggly word in the box provided (this is for us to make sure you are not a machine, which can't read it 'coz it's squiggly). Choose one of the options by clicking on the button. If you have a Google account, use it; forget OpenID unless you know what you're doing; Name/URL is probably best for you, so fill in the box, notice that filling in the URL box is optional, if you have a website fill it in (but if you do you don't need all these instructions, do you?); we do not accept Anonymous comments.

Step four: Click on PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT (or preview it first if you like) - and Bob's your uncle.


Jan said...

Ok - I'm having another go. That was me before - only anonymous because I didn't know you could comment without a google account - and I didn't want that publishing so clicked 'anonymous'. Can you use my reservoir questioon too now you know its me please?

I should sign off ''Confused of Jimena''! Jan

PROSPERO said...

'Confused of JimenaPulse'

JLM701 said...

Hello. This is my first go with Jimena Pulse so here goes...

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