Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Coda Orchestra and Jimena Children's concert this Saturday

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JIMENA (Press release) Intensive rehearsals are under way for the Annual Summer Concert organised by Coda, Jimena´s Cultural Association which is to be held in the Convento in Estación de Jimena on Saturday  May 12 at 7pm. Tickets at the door: €5, €3 for CODA members (Money collected will go towards purchase of instruments for Children's Orchestra).Taking part will be Jimena's own Chamber Orchestra featuring works by Corelli, Kajanus and Purcell. This time we will welcome the English flautist, William Tilsden, to play the famous Bach Suite in B minor for Flute and Strings. A regular feature of these concerts is the inclusion of the Children´s Orchestra of Jimena.  This popular group have only been playing together for a little over 4 years and are already enchanting audiences with their ability, enthusiasm and joy of making music. This orchestra represents the coming together of the children who learn an orchestral instrument in the rapidly-developing Escuela Municipal de Música de Jimena de la Fontera.>>>
The school gives any child in Jimena the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Currently all the string instruments (violin, viola and cello) are being taught there as well as recorder and piano.  Under the umbrella of the Ayuntamiento, the school has four dedicated music instrumental teachers, all with a huge amount of experience of teaching all age groups and coaching young orchestras of varying levels of ability all over the world.

Director of the orchestras, David Higginbottom, commenting on the forthcoming concert, said that one of his long-term aims for the children's orchestra was that eventually some of the more advanced players would have progressed sufficiently to actually join in with the adult group and for the first time, this dream has been realised with local children, Julia Aguilar, Marina and Pedro Garzón on violins and cellist Clara Casas taking their well-deserved places alongside the members of Coda Camerata Chamber Orchestra.

Talking of the Children´s Orchestra, Higginbottom said that he is continually amazed not just by the wealth of talent that abounds in Jimena, but also at the speed that the children are progressing.  “I would have expected that it would take a young orchestra who have been learning their instruments for such a short space of time, to reach this level after many more years of learning, and here they are performing to such a high standard after only 4 years. Many thanks must go to the Ayuntamiento, the parents and to the Coda Cultural Association for their unwavering support for the project”.

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