Monday, 28 May 2012

Where's Snoopy?

JIMENA Can you find Snoopy on this building? It appears the firefighters were bored one day last week and put up a Snoopy doll somewhere on this building. We'll give you the answer tomorrow, Tuesday. This is a trick so you come back to JimenaPulse again - even though it will soon be transmogrified (merged is a synonym) into CampoPulse because it gets to be boring and tiresome to duplicate items in both places. Have you put CampoPulse into your Favourite/bookmark yet?

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Philip Heinzl said...

Just a small reply.....our friend has Wellington bear who goes everywhere with his owner...and as with your post of "Where is Snoopy?", the following link is of a panorama of the Almocabar Gate in Ronda. The question is Where´s Wellington? and yes it isn´t easy to find him and even when you have he isn´t too clear.