Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Now you can pay your local taxes in up to six installments

If you request it by February 12th, you will be able to pay your local, water & sewage, road and other taxes in up to six payments. The Translation People have kindly translated the leaflet that came through the door this morning (image):
Personalized Payment Plan for Local Taxes
This is a special plan for payment in installments during the voluntary period, of periodic municipal taxes that allows taxpayers to pay by installments during a given year, without extra charges or interest payments. It is available in all municipalities where the Diputación de Cádiz is the tax collector (Servicio de Recaudación) as long as this facility has not been expressly rejected.>
Who can subscribe to this form of payment?
All tax payers that request it before February 12, at the tax offices. The service may also be requested by spouses.

What kind of bills (recibos) can be included?
All bills that are paid periodically (IBI, IAE, IVTM, garbage collection and treatment, water, sewage...)

How can the tax payer subscribe to the plan?
  • Presenting the form before the deadline at the municipal tax office.
  • Creating a direct debit from a bank account belonging to the tax payer or his/her spouse.
  • Being up to date with tax payments.
Payment periods
The taxpayer can request payment in four or six installments, which will be due on the second day of:
  1. Four installments: March, July, October, December
  2. Six installments: March, May, July, September, November, December
When the payment year is out, the plan will be deferred automatically to the next year under the same conditions, unless the tax payer explicitly requests otherwise.

Bills (recibos) not paid within the deadlines will be subject to the usual procedures, including demands for payment, interest and legal procedures if necessary.


Jan said...

Thanks for letting us know about this. Do you know where we can get hold of the form that needs to be completed?

PROSPERO said...

At the Oficina de Recaudación (Tax Office) opposite the town hall.