Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jimena is featured on Danish television

JIMENA The link below will take you to a Danish TV station that yesterday featured Jimena in one of its programmes. We got this information from a very busy Danish friend in Jimena, whom we have yet to convince to translate it into English or even Spanish. At the very beginning, you will see Tobi el Castañero, whom we featured just a couple of days ago. There are also interviews with local people (including a shot of our very own Melissa, of Henrietta's - right at the end), in what we think is an item on how the crisis is affecting the average Spaniard (but we could be wrong). If you speak Danish or know someone who does, please tell us what it's all about. Thank you, YouKnowWhoYouAre. (http://www.dr.dk/DR1/horisont/#/23157)

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Lærke Skjoldlykke said...

...The broadcast focuses on how young Spanish people have a hard time finding work, despite the fact that they are well educated...

Tobi is just one of many, who tries to make a living in Spain. Unfortunately the chestnut season is short and Tobi yet again faces no income, though he is a painter.