Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Did you know you have 24/7 access to the Town Hall?

JIMENA What is being called an Oficina Virtual is now available from the Town Hall. This new online facility is part of a 2007 law that ordered all municipalities to offer direct access via Internet to their principal functions. Thus, Jimena's offers a total of 32 procedures that can be managed this way, 12 of which refer to the Padrón (register of inhabitants), 9 regarding town planning (Urbanismo, including building licenses), 5 on citizen participation, (Participación Ciudadana), 3 about local taxes (Tributos) and 2 on the cemeteries. Naturally, these are all available in Spanish only, but>
all kinds of forms can be downloaded, which is a good start. Some procedures or form down;loads require an electronic signature or ID, about which JimenaPulse will be enquiring further.

Access is via the Council's website (, or right here.

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