Wednesday, 27 October 2010

How to get lost in Jimena!

Further to a recent JP item on the subject (that included what we think is an approximately accurate map), our good friends at TioJimeno have saved us the trouble of walking up to photograph this 'road map' - we wouldn't dare take the car! The map is headed ATENCION: INCIDENCIAS POR OBRAS, which must be bureaucratese for WATCH IT! But we'll translate TioJimeno's article (loosely ,but agreeing with everything it says, and more): "If someone from outsde Jimena tries to obtain information from this, they'll have a job. To start with it says Calle Autoridad Portuaria is closed (they'd have to look up Google Maps to find this street as it isn't on any SatNav system - note: nor, for that matter, on JP's Google Maps either), referring to what we on JP know as 'the ski slope'.>
Then we have a note that says UST Esta aqui referring to a blue spot from which emanate three arrows aiming at another arrow (Note: UST Esta aqui means 'You are here' but should be written Ud. está aquí, as the correct abbreviation for Usted ('you' in the formal) is Ud. or UD. if in capitals, which this is - just a matter of whoever wrote it wasn't in class when the subject came up... and is too proud to admit it and ask for help).
The arrow aims at Calle Sevilla and points the viewer downhill, which right now is impossible. Another arrow points us downhill via Ceniza and Romo - that would be dangerous right now as all traffic is being pointed uphill from the bottom of the road.
Another arrow tells us to take Calle Llanete -we dare anyone venturing into that one to find the way out- and a third to Paseo Cristina, which as far as we can tell flows uphill at this time.

The notice says that there are three ways out of the village: Paseo Cristina downhill, Quirós and Romo! It adds that access to the top of the village is via Santa Ana and Fuente Nueva. (Note: Click on the map - but don't try to find your way down from the castle, you'll get lost... WE HEREBY GIVE PERMISSION TO THE COUNCIL TO USE OUR MAPS AT NO CHARGE. Well, we wouldn't expect a donation these days, would we?)

Thinking about this for a (long) while, we could come to the conclusion that these indications may be referring to the future, in other words when traffic on Calle Sevilla is restored to normal once work has finished in front of the Town Hall - which is happening as we write.
But this sign went up earlier this week and could be extremely confusing to even a Jimena driver, not say very dangerous.
Why is it not put up when the system is operative?
Why is it not covered for the time being?"

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