Monday, 11 January 2010

Is this any way to keep an animal?

When will the Local Police and authorities take this kind of thing seriously? A reader has sent us these photos (more below) with the comment, "We have 3 dogs living in a makeshift kennel in the lane behind us. Their accommodation is very very basic and they are there 24 / 7 days a week without exercise and are in temperatures ranging from 40º in the summer to 4º lately; apart from all the rain we have endured over the past weeks. They bark constantly during the day, evening and night, not the sign of happy, cared for animals". Further enquiries reveal that the dogs are behind a house on Plaza Llano de la Victoria, on the dirt road that runs parallel with Corral del Concejo. The 'kennel' is probably located behind No 21 or 23 Plaza Llano de la Victoria but we could not be sure.>



Sheila said...

That is disgusting - how can these owners justify keeping those poor animals in this condition. Spain seriously needs the equivalent of the RSPCA - with teeth that can bite.

Anonymous said...

Le sugiero a este vecino interesado, que lo haga en el Buzón del ciudadano de la página Web del Ayuntamiento, yo hice una queja muy parecida, pero con gallinas y los malos olores de la vivienda vecina, y de forma inmediata fue atendida mi denuncia, con trámite en la Policía local y veterinarios.
Un saludo de Juan L. Pérez.

CraftyPip said...

There is a culture where ever a person may be, that animals are regarded as inert property as one may regard a radio or

motor vehicle. The attitude, care, and energy input are all representatively proportional to each other.
"I´m lost" I hear you say...
If you look after your car , spend time cleaning it, and maintaining it, normally it will function well. Neglect it and

sooner than later it will break down. Look after an animal, feed it well and make sure the conditions in which it lives

are well maintained and give it the loving care it deserves, the animal will thrive. Neglect the animal and it will suffer

and maybe die.
The perception of neglect and cruelty is different to each person and the problem lies in peoples´ education in relation to

The laws exist regarding neglect and cruelty to animals but, the problem is, they fall short of specifying what is deemed

to be neglect or cruel. The implementation of the laws are easy but the subsequent conviction is extremely difficult.