Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Get energised, creative, playful, sensual, happy, buzzing with energy, wild and free this weekend

The International School of Tantra, is offering  a Tantra and Tantric Touch Workshop in Ronda this coming weekend, January 16 and 17, with a 50% discount for women. In their e-mail to us they offer the following information: "Tantric orgasms: Frequent orgasms can benefit women's sexual health tremendously. However, there is a vast difference in having an ordinary orgasm and having a tantric orgasm. Ordinary orgasms, which are the norm, are of short duration, isolated in the sex organs. Tantric sex orgasms involve the full body, mind and spirit, lasting for hours as well." (much more below)>Women's problems with sex generally fall in the following categories:
        Loss of interest in sex
        Loss of pleasurable sensations
        Painful intercourse
        Inability to reach orgasm
        Having weak or mild orgasms
        Sexual health concerns
        Sexual guilt and shame
        Fear of intimacy
        Need to be in control

Benefits of a Tantric Orgasm:
To obtain the benefits of a tantric orgasm, the shakti energy, the rising kundalini, must ascend through the spinal cord. It must reach the brain's central nervous system and endocrine command centre, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which commands the changes that benefits  our sexual health.

Benefits of Frequent Orgasms:
Frequent and powerful orgasms increase the level of the orgasm hormone, oxytocin. The oxytocin level is linked to the personality, passion, social skills and emotional quotient (EQ), all of which affects career, marriage, emotions and social life. Orgasms are very beneficial for sexual health because they empower our pituitary (brain function).

I went away from our Tantra weekend with the International School of Tantra very excited about what I discovered. Even though it was very difficult for me at first, it only told me that I had a lot of work to do on myself.
It's made a tremendous impact on my life and our life as a couple.
Again, thank you for everything. I have rediscovered my sexual drive!

Just to let you know that I’m energised, creative, playful, sensual, happy, buzzing with energy, wild and free. These are just a few adjectives to describe how I feel today after my weekend workshop with the International School of Tantra! I received such beautiful healing on a very deep level.
I found the tantric rituals really amazing although I kept forgetting to do the breathing. I just hope I can remember all of the wonderful insights I gained during the weekend.

I walk taller. I'm in love with the most wonderful person ever ... myself! I still don't believe that I did it, I'm so proud of myself of doing the workshop with the International School of Tantra!

To book your place, call Martin on 617 779 237

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