Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New plaza for El Gurugú in Estación

A new square was opened last week for the Gurugú section of Los Ángeles (or Estación de Jimena as it is still called by some). The new square includes a playground, seating and, of course, a fountain. The facility was much in demand by nearby residents and it is thanks to the efforts of the Pino Grande neighbourhood association and Jimena Council that it is now a reality. The ancient palm tree that gives its name to the association has been pruned for rejuvenation, though a plethora of birds nests will have to be removed. Present at the opening ceremony were Mayor Pascual Collado, Councillor Fernando Gómez, the Municipal Delegate for Los Ángeles, Juana Jiménez, and members of El Pino Grande association. An agreement wth residents will see that a nearby plot of municipal land will soon become a small sports facility, and plants and flowers will be placed in the square as soon as possible.

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