Monday, 19 October 2009

An autumn of film, flamenco, music and literature

(Press release) The Department of Culture has issued its programme for what is called Otoño Cultural 09. The programme (click on poster to enlarge) contains a series of cultural activities at several venues in the municipality and includes cinema, theatre, flamenco and popular music among its offerings. The programming prior to the Christmas period includes, amongst other things a film series under the umbrella title of Mujeres detrás de la Cámara, concerts of pasodobles by the Municipal Band and prizes for the Diego Bautista Prieto Literary Competition, which is in its 27th edition this year.
This literary competition is among the oldest in the region, and this year's prizes will be handed out to the winners in various categories at the Casa de la Cultura Leopoldo de Luis (opposite the Town Hall) this coming Friday, October 23 at 7pm at a ceremony that will include a performance by the Simplesmentes theatrical duo.More information on the programme, which goes to November 29th and concludes with the annual Micology Workshops, can be obtained from the poster.

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