Thursday, 9 August 2012

Q & A about the Feria

Monday is NOT a local holiday, but Wednesday is a regional one
We are often asked as to procedures, schedules, traditions and customs regarding the fair. Below you will find what we hope are useful pointers. (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE. You can DONATE through our sidebar PayPal feature to help keep this site FREE)

Q. Why is everything scheduled so late?
A. Because it is summer, and hot. In any case, there are a number of children's activities planned during the day (See programme)

Q. Why is everything so late?
A. (No, it's not the same question as above - this one refers to the difference between the planned schedule and reality) Because a feria is a time to relax and have fun, and because nothing in Spain starts on time except the trains and the bullfights - with the regional exception of Catalonia, whose inhabitants don't think they're part of Spain anyway.

Q. When do you wear your feria dress?
A: We don't.

Q. No, seriously, when are the women supposed to wear their lovely flamenco dresses?
A. Whenever they like. But, depending on their age, it is advisable to wear them on Saturday and Sunday (it is a tradition to have at least two dresses for each day - just kidding, it used to be a tradition but became too expensive). Children, in the evening; middle-aged+ at any time they can get away with it; the rest, in the evening. (Get it? Wear them in the evening for the August Fair, and at other times of the day at the May Fair.)

Q. Is Monday a hangover day?
A. Depends on how much you pour down your gullet, dunnit? In fact, Monday this year is NOT a local Hangover Monday, it's business as usual. Wednesday, August 15, though, is a regional holiday and many things will be closed.

Q. What about parking?
A. Leave the car at home if possible. If not, leave the car at home. Or as far away as you can walk. Parking at Feria time is hell off wheels. See our separate item.

Q: How do we know what's happening where?
A. Read the blessed programme that we took so much trouble putting up. It is also printed in Spanish in the official programme. Please note, too, that nothing at all happens after lunch (local lunchtime starts at 2pm, not at noon), except on Sunday at the pool.

Q. What on earth is the Tapa Route?
A. Nothing to do with the Earth except in this tiny piece of it. See our separate item.

Q. Why have a feria at all, with all that noise?
A. Oh, shut up!

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