Monday, 19 October 2009

'Running for Autism' athletes received at Town Hall

(Press release) Jimena's Councillor for Sports, Fernando Gómez, and that for the Environment, Noelia García, received at the Town Hall the athlete from Jerez, Ana María Sabido, and participants in the the Ruta por la Provincia race, the aim of which is to raise awareness about autism in its full range. Sabido is running through 40 pueblos of the province of Cádiz. In Jimena she was joined by several local athletes as well as by students from the Instituto Hozgarganta, who, with their teacher, accompanied the athlete from their school to the Town Hall.
Aside from giving her a memento from Jimena Council, Gómez and García signed Sabido's 'route book' where members of provincial associations related to autism write down messages of support, anecdotes, etc.
The objective of the race is to raise awareness about an illness that is too often ignored and which suffers from ignorance about the large spectrum of the problem. The indices of people with this ailment fail to register innumerable cases because most of the patients or their families rarely seek help from the health services or support organizations.

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