Monday, 19 October 2009

No questions for the Mayor yet!

We get a lot of complaints, questions and grumblings here at JimenaPulse. We hear a lot of whinging and whining out and about. We do a fair bit ourselves. Yet not a single reader has yet bothered to send in a single question for the Mayor of Jimena. Why not? This is a unique opportunity to put your, or your neighbourhood's, questions to him, and you only have until tomorrow week to do so. Click on the big blue widget on the sidebar for more information on how to do it; it's very easy - and a lot more effective than bellyaching at the bar.


CraftyPip said...

Questions can quickly seen as complaints and usually a complaint is directed at someone, even if it is for something that has been

It has become all too apparent that the complainant is seen to be upsetting the apple cart or the so called smooth everyday running

of life.
There are several views that I have encountered:
1. Take the complaint and pay the fine and get on with life.
2. Stab as many people in the back as possible so as to earn enchufe points. (To be cashed in when calling in a favour), the first

steps of corruption.
3. Complain as much as possible in the hope that the appropriate authority will give in under pressure and condescend to look into

some of the complaints. N.B. I did only say " look into ".
4. Make a complaint and then wait for the reprisals from the authorities who will scrutinise your affairs long before those of the

complaint. i.e trying justify enchufe being brought into play or make sufficient a smoke screen to divert attention from the matter

in hand.
5. Fear of a direct backlash from the parties subject of the complaint, and these I have found are particularly underhand and nasty.
6. The authorities or appropriate parties involved put off the subject of the complaint, then the omplainant will get tired of

waiting, give up and go away.
7. The authorities will just do nothing. This is a challenge to the complainant..
A " What are you going to do about it? " attitude.
In this scenario the complainant is usually not prepared or cannot afford to privately denounce the authorities (some authorities

are protected by laws negating any redress through the legal system), as this is the job for those people we ellected to represent

us in just such circumstances.
8. The last but not least is what I consider the worst, and that is the appropriate authorities use of the term Politico.
It is generally used as a means to do nothing but indicates that enchufe has come into play where the law has not been adhered to

100% and the particular authority has got themselves into a tight corner. They cannot be seen to back down as, having granted

permission, they will have renegaded on the favour,lose face and integrity. I say this is the worst as the authorities are ignoring

the rule of law, the very fabric that holds their country together. They are infact disrespecting, not only the law, their own

country, but also their sovereign, from whom the Royal Decrees are made.
So you can see why no questions have been forthcoming for the one has any faith in a self gratifying hot air exercise.

simon said...

I agree with every word of the previous comment. Maybe the current mayor doesn't deserve it (I don't know maybe he does?) but the general rule is: Keep your head down, don't make waves, wait until the current crop get done for corruption, then hope things will get better.

Cynical of realistic? The lack of questions tells us what people are thinking......