Monday, 5 March 2012

Two important meetings are taking place as we write

JIMENA We got wind of these meetings some two weeks ago, and we knew that the Mayor and Council had been approached on the subject, which is none other than creating our own Tourist Information centre. The two women entrepreneurs behind the idea are Melissa González (of Henrietta's) and Nieves Domínguez (of La Estación in SanPablo). The concept is to create an Information Centre, an effective, useful one of which Jimena has been lacking for too many years - to be done as a private . "We need to attract tourism to Jimena," say Nieves and Melissa. This evening's tandem meetings are intended to bring together the hotels and accommodation businesses (at 5pm) and then the bars and restaurants (at 6). We are informed that the Council is backing the idea, not with money (there ain't any!) but with the use of space at the entrance to the village, down by the silo, and pay for water, electricity, phone and broadband there. The Association - for that is what it is intended to become- will do the following: create an Association, hire a qualified person to attend the office, to be financed by a fee from each association member, and bring together as many similar enterprises in the municipality as possible. We will report on the meetings as soon as we can but if you missed them and would like more information, contact Melissa (956 648 130) or Nieves (956 642 244).

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