Monday, 12 April 2010

Oba Quiz Night is suspended until after summer

Mary at the Oba regrets to announce that she has decided that Thursday Quiz Nights are suspended until after the summer. Alberto says he'll miss you all but looks forward to taking up the challenge again later in the year. No doubt regulars will not know what to do with themselves on Thursday evenings, but we have an idea: sit down at your computer and catch up with what else is going on with our UpComing Events calendar on the sidebar. Or turn to our various friends and partner sites.


Simon said...

Well I for one would like to thank Alberto for his efforts in running the quizzes, they have been great fun.

Also good luck to Mary and the crew with the launch of the new restaurant venture.

PROSPERO said...

Alberto tells Prospero to say thank you! And he, Alberto, joins Prospero in wishing the same top Mary and the crew. No doubt you will all meet up there soon!