Monday, 5 March 2012

Book presentation by Jimena's own self-help guru

JIMENA Prospero has known Frank González, better known in Jimena as Fran Rejano, since he was a small lad who'd come round to the house to help his father with some building work. That's years ago. Fran went away and turned up in Galicia, we think. But he was back last week to present his self-help book that was published recently. (Yes, it's in Spanish, but TranslationHelp has offered to translate it, so we'll see.) The presentation, which Prospero was sadly unable to attend, went swimmingly. The book is even better. As you'd expect from one titled FIND YOUR OWN LUCK, and subtitled 'Your inner being holds the key to your good luck'. Having not seen Fran for a good couple of years, we were delighted to have a coffee with him the other day. Very rarely indeed has Prospero met someone with such a positive outlook on life. It was a pleasure and a revelation. We wish Fran every bit of luck in his endeavours and hope that he can give up his day job soon. (We will find out where copies of the book are available and tell you, but not before we buy one for us. JUST HEARD: it's available on, and you can get to the book's website here.)

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