Thursday, 1 March 2012

Here's the Casa Verde movie programme for this month

The headquarters of the local Agaden environmental pressure group is at the Casa Verde (if you didn't know, now you do). Every Thursday, they show a film, usually in Spanish, sometimes with, sometimes without subtitles. All movies start at 8.30 and are for over-18s only. It is an interesting programme of a variety of films, more often than not of a quasi-political nature but not always. There is a nice little bar there, and the chance to meet interesting people. Tonight's film is Adios, Bafana, a drama about racism: the story of the man who was in charge of Nelson Mandela while he was in prison, and their relationship over the years. We would aslo like to hear about the Spanish-English conversation exchange that began last Tuesday. If you attended, please tell us about it. (We will put the programme up on the sidebar so you can check it every week.)

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