Thursday, 1 March 2012

A walk in the muck as an environmental protest

LOS BARRIOS The local environmental protest group, Agaden, has organized a trip to a 'protest march' at Arroyo del Chorreón, the tributary of the Guadacortes River that runs through the area's rubbish tip in Los Barrios, for which there are plans to extend it. They are calling it 'a real environmental disaster' particularly because they have detected large quantities of leached heavy metals including chrome, nickel and cadmium, among others. They are setting out from Jimena at 11am on Saturday, March 3, from the main square. The route's organizers will be handing out masks and protective gear - and for those who wish to have the 'water' analysed, they will provide containers. This promises to be an important environmental protest march with good media coverage.

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