Friday, 20 January 2012

UPDATE: Jimena Carnival moved forward

'Beffa's Angels', Carnaval 2009
(Photo: TioJimeno)
New dates: from Feb 24 to 26
JIMENA (TioJimeno) The local carnival groups have asked Councillor for Festivities, Cristóbal Lirios, to bring forward the dates during which Jimena celebrates its Carnival (see previous item here, including the dates for other villages in the municipality). Just for a laugh, see Prospero making a fool of himself. If you want an explanation of what carnival is in these parts, check the items below, which is merely a glossary of terms you will find in the carnival programme when we get it.>>>
Glossary: There are no words in English for chirigota, comparsa or similar Carnaval terminology. Not when the word cuarteto (nominally quartet) can mean a singing and dancing group of anywhere between two and we don't know how many. No, if you really want to understand it, next time make sure you’re born in the province of Cádiz, preferably in the capital.

Libreto: The word should have another 't' in English, but this is a very Spanish Carnival. You will be offered a booklet with the words to all the songs of the group you will be supporting with the purchase of the aforesaid libreto. It is advisable -and the kind thing to do- to buy all the libretos you're offered, as the money goes toward the considerable expenses involved in preparing it all. It is also a good way to understand (at least some of) the words from the songs.

TioJimeno: our good friends at TioJimeno cover Carnival much better than we ever could (one reason is there's more of them, another is that they all have proper jobs and don't rely on donations like we do.)  Also, they are very keen carnavaleros.

History: a curious picture turned up one day...

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