Saturday, 21 January 2012

Electricity bills to return to 'normal'

You will be able to choose to stay as it is now
SPAIN (Agencies) The country went up in arms in 2008 when the power companies were allowed to bill monthly, with meters being read every other month - and thus causing enormous confusion about 'estimated' bills in between. Now the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism is planning to allow consumers to pay 'only for what they use' (their words, not ours!). The project is in the hands of the National Energy Commission for review. Included in it is the possibility that some consumers might want things to stay as they are, in other words, a reading every other month but monthly bills. What's more, the project also includes the possibility of consumers providing their own reading from their own meters - which used to happen if the meter reader was unable to access the meter. The ministry explained that there had been a 'significant increase in the number of complaints' about estimated bills. IF YOU FIND THIS ARTICLE INTERESTING, USEFUL OR ENTERTAINING, PLEASE CONSIDER THE WORK, EFFORT AND COST IT TAKES TO BRING IT TO YOU. WE WOULD APPRECIATE A DONATION TO CONTINUE A FREE SERVICE.

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