Wednesday, 28 December 2011


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SPAIN In  a move aimed at outmaneuvering  the banks and ratings agencies, which are on skeleton staff for the holidays, Spain's newly-appointed Secretary of State for Finance, Miguel Ángel González Alfonso-Díaz, made a surprise announcement last night - after the main newscasts - declaring that the country is officially bankrupt. The statement may not be a complete surprise to other members of the EU, but it comes in the wake of a tiny if significant glimmer of optimism in the world markets, which are expected to plunge once more following this announcement. Reaction has not been slow in coming, even in the early hours of this morning. One disheveled PSOE spokesperson (whose name we were unable to catch in time on the radio just a few minutes ago) said that her party was determined to>>>
make sure you understood, Dear Reader that today, December 28th, is the Day of the Innocent Saints - Spain's equivalent of April Fool.

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