Friday, 18 November 2011

Whatever happened to...?

JIMENA We keep getting asked, "What happened to that chap who used to run around talking to himself? Haven't seen him for ages." Miguel Carranza is his name. And from what we can gather, he is absolutely fine. He's being taken care of by his sister in Estación; he takes his medication regularly, and he has put on quite a bit of weight, as you can see from the photo we took of him at the beginning of the summer. Of course, he may not be as fit as he used to be walking a million miles, but at least he is eating a square meal every day and getting cleaned up. He looked away when he saw the camera but he was happy to be greeted by just about everyone on the square. Yes, we miss him, too - nice of you to ask.

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Simon said...

Glad he's OK.