Monday, 21 November 2011

PP landslide sinks PSOE

SPAIN The Popular Party lead by Mariano Rajoy swept into power at yesterday's General Elections in an unprecedented landslide. Only a few provinces, including Sevilla, went to another party. On the map, the red is for PSOE and the orange, for CiU (Convergencia i Unió), the Catalan nationalists. Blue is for PP, which managed to obtain almost 45% of the total vote against a mere 28.73% for PSOE. Or, 186 seats against 110 in a chamber total of 350. That is a very comfortable absolute majority, so no need for coalitions or pacts and agreements. Also noticeable is that several minority parties, including IU, Amaiur (Basque Nationalists) and UPyD increased their seats in the Chamber of Deputies. In the Senate, the PP humiliated their Socialist rivals: 136 seats v. 49, from a total of 208.

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