Monday, 21 November 2011

How many of us are paying too much for our broadband?

(by Philip Heinzl) How many of us are paying too much for broad band internet connection?  "All of us " I hear you say, and you may be correct. We noticed our bill to show a supply contract of 6Mb broad band or ADSL.  We live almost too far from the telephone exchange in Jimena to receive broad band at all, but they manage to give us a contract of up to 1Mb. Of course we will never get the full quota and that we have to accept as reality, but having noticed the change in our billing led me to do some searching. The Movistar site allows for you to do a line test to  determin the best contract for your location. "Nice" you might think; but for who?  The test allows you to enter your telephone number and away it goes and comes back with a 6Mb contract, the minimum contract that they advertise as available.>>>
The 1Mb contract no longer appears to be available and everything starts at 6Mb and as Movistar state, as does every provider, we supply UP TO the contracted amount.  This of course allows them to supply just what they wish without any redress at all.

I did, however, find another line test on their site and this works on location as opposed to telephone number.  It came back with "consult your tecnico as we cannot guarentee ADSL as being available for your area. 

They have carte blanche programmed  all Jimena numbers as being able to carry a minimum of 6Mb, but on location it gives a different story.  Try the links below and see if you get any inconsistencies.

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