Friday, 7 October 2011

PP says school problems are an example of Junta cutbacks

JIMENA (Source: EuropaSur) The Partido Popular (PP) parliamentary representative for Cádiz, Carmen Pedemonte, stated yesterday that the problems at the Reina de los Ángeles primary school in Jimena is an example of the policy of cutbacks by the provincial Education Council. She met with parents involved in the effort to split a class of 28 first grade children, telling that it was not too much to ask as "previously (in other years) there has been that possibility for 6 year olds. Last year, she reminded them, there were two classes of 6 year olds and two regular teachers and one support teacher for both. This year one of the regulars and the support teachers have not been placed at the school. Worse, she added, is that the decision had been made at the Education Council in June, well before the September closure of the registry (matriculación), giving an incorrect total of students in each class. In her communiqué, Pedemonte said that the original classroom were too small to hold 28 students adequately and the library had to be relocated in order to make room for that many children. Pedemonte also promised to take the matter to the provincial parliament and try to find a solution.

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