Thursday, 13 October 2011

Four Campo municipalities, including Jimena, haven't had their piece of the PIE

CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR (Agencies) Four municipalities in the Campo area have not received their part of the PIE (Participación de Ingresos del Estado, or Participation of State Income - yes, we like the Spanish acronym, too), and a total of eleven in the Province of Cádiz are in the same (sinking) boat since September. New regulations, and the application of old ones, means that the Exchequer (Hacienda) retains monies if the Council hasn't posted its accounts in time. Some municipalities haven't bothered to do that for a number of years. The trouble is that the money many of them were due to receive has usually been spent, so in a domino effect, suppliers and sometimes employees don't get paid that month. In the Campo, the situation is as follows:>>>
La Línea was due to get €1,257,922,90; Los Barrios, €324,711.35; Tarifa, €217,227.12; and Jimena €147,039.25.

As for the rest of the province, the municipalities of Algar (€18,805.12), Barbate (304,760.55), Espera (41,220.88), Prado del Rey (74,196), Puerto Real (615,531.35), Villamartín (167,820.46) have monies pending. However, even when considering that the proportion of state income depends on the number of registered residents (empadronados), the amount due to and retained from Jerez is an astounding €3,381,990.40.

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