Tuesday, 29 March 2011

PA asks about the activities of the head of the Festivities Department

JIMENA (Source: Partido Andalucista press release) The salary of the so-called Delegate for Festivities equals that of a First Vice-Mayor even though he is not responsible for anything. So sub-heads a press release from the Partido Andalucista, in opposition at least until the local elections on May 22. Since the person concerned, Councillor Jesús Rodríguez (photo), has not deigned to appear at any of the Council meetings lately, the PA has on numerous occasions requested information as to what responsibilitiess he has had that could justify receiving a salary that equals that of Councillor Mercedes Segovia, who is also a First Vice-Mayor, and which he began receiving at the very start of the present legislature. The salary amounts to close to €30,000 a year in each case.>"It should be remembered that as he is not a Vice-Mayor, he cannot make decisions without consulting those who are, so he is merely an intermediary between those Councillors who are ressponsible for a particular area. Despite this fact, Rodríguez keeps appearing in the media as the Councillor for Education, for instance, when in fact that title belongs officially to Mercedes Segovia," says the PA communiqé.
As to the Councillor in charge of Musical Spectacles, that is another matter. The PA has also repeatedly requested information about what exactly this department, and therefore its head, actually do, but information has not been forthcoming. However, it would appear that he, and it, have no responsibilities: "He doesn't appear at any of the functions he is supposed to, nor at any of the committee meetings or plenary sessions, so it would appear that he has followed in the footsteps of his colleagues who have resigned their councillorships," the press note points out.

Altough it is well known that there was a confrontation between the Mayor and the Councillor in question some time ago when the former tried to lower his salary, it is only a couple of weeks ago that we heard that Rodríguez will not be appearing on the PSOE electoral list. This confrontation should have been made evident sooner, says the PA, given that he has not appeared anywhere, "except in the photographs, at which Councillors appear to dedicate most of their time."

"We are not interested in the internal confrontations of the PSOE about their salaries, but we are in the impact these might have on the misuse of public money."

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