Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tourism? What tourism?

We received a press release this morning from the Council's Department of Tourism, headed by Councillor Juan José Rondón, that tells us that the Tourist Information Office is now open again (it's been closed throughout the summer tourist season). It offers a schedule (Wednesday and Thursday: from 11am to 1pm; Friday: from 10.30am to 1.30pm - that's it) and added that it opens in time for a 'season of great demand for information'. The office is at the very top of the village, in the old Misericordia church (photo) just below the castle, the only feature a tourist or two might ask about but will somehow have got there all by themselves. The schedule has the place closed over the weekend: are there no tourists on the weekend? Mind you, with the traffic as it is, and direction/diversion signs non-existant, plus the extremely unhelpful location of the office, we would hate to be tourists arriving in Jimena. Over this long weekend, we have come across innumerable cars and some pedestrians, lost and unable to find the way in or out of the village. They won't be coming back, for sure. The whole tourism issue in Jimena really needs an overhaul and a lot more energy from the Town Hall.

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