Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Calle Sevilla and Romo to return to normal 'imminently'

(Photo: TioJimeno) According to a press release received this afternoon (and confirming TioJimeno's conclusion regarding a traffic sign we posted this morning, see below), the stretch of Calle Sevilla between the Cajasol corner and Autoridad Portuaria (the 'ski slope') will be open to traffic in its usual direction imminently (our italics), according to the municipal Department of Public Works and the Local Police. The same is true of Calle Romo, traffic on which which will be now be directed downhill. Traffic on the ski slope, however, will only head downhill. The communiqué also says that there will be a speed limit in effect (no specification) on Sevilla, especially in front of the Town Hall, because this has not yet received its tarmac (Question: Have any councillors driven up or down pretty well any street in the village in the last five years? If so, have they noticed any tarmac anywhere?). But there is more, and we quote/translate:>Remaining incidences
In respect of the remaining traffic incidences, they will continue as now, as follows:
  • Santa Ana and Fuentenueva (Note: variously written Fuente Nueva in other releases - good if minds were made up, as Google Maps has it as Fuentenueva - in either case it means 'new fountain') are in the opposite to usual direction and used to access the upper part of the Historic Quarter, including the castle. (Note: We are actually writing from the castle right now as we have yet to find out how to come down from there (not!). There are several tourist families up here as well, threatening to eat the goats that are chewing at the cobbles below the castle (not, neither!)
  • The Northern access to the Historic Quarter is via the back of La Bodega (de Ana, it's now called) which links to Calle Llana and then La Loba. (Note. This is where we got into trouble: La Loba heads up toward the castle, where one does a six-point turn smashing several rear view mirrors belonging no doubt to the innumerable tourist families camping up there. Head to La Loba but must turn right ,down another ski slope, and turn left at the bottom (there's a 'dead end' sign to the right) - but end up on Sevilla again, heading North, i.e. up hill-ish, and on toward the campsite. Several miles and lots of petrol later, one does it all over again. And all I wanted to do was have a chat with Melissa at Henrietta's!)
Over the last few days several signs have been placed informing drivers about the changes in normal traffic circulation resulting from roadworks on Calle Sevilla as well as about access to Barrio Alto (upper part of Historic Quarter), the castle area and exits fro, Historic Quarter. (Yes we know about the sign; please see How to get lost in Jimena!)

New stretch (of roadworks, we assume)
About the roadworks (ah, yes!), these are about to reach a new stretch on Calle Sevilla: between Autoridad Portuaria (ski slope, called Port Authority but we know not why)(ah, it could be that the aforesaid Algeciras Port Authority paid for the sculpture that rusts at the top of this street) to the Calle Yustos crossing.

The Public Works Department hopes that, once the most difficult part of the works, these will be happening faster than up to now. (Quote, unquote)
(Note: Having tried to keep our tongue firmly in our cheek, and failed miserably, we will now proceed to trying to make a map that clears all this up JUST IN CASE THE LOCAL POLICE WOULD LIKE TO COPY IT AND PUT IT UP SO THAT WHAT THEY SAY IS UNDERSTOOD BY ALL. 

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