Saturday, 11 September 2010

Vittorio de Sica and Anita Ekberg in Jimena tonight

'The Three etc... of the Colonel' was filmed in Jimena in 1959. There are very few copies left in the world but it was, and is, an important part of the village's history as practically everyone was an extra in it. It was a silly racy story (for its time) set during what in Spain is called the War of Independence (and elsewhere, The Peninsular War). Many attempts have been made to find a copy but celluloid is very fragile. However, according to Mayor Pascual Collado, a team working on a documentary, he thought, turned up with a French version of it a couple of days ago. The rights to the film are in some legal fracas in Italy and probably France with De Sica's heirs, but, thanks to an agreement with the French version's rights it will be projected onto the bell tower in the main square this evening, Saturday September 11, as from 9.30 pm. We believe that our friends at TioJimeno -Ricardo was even in Rome trying to get a copy some years ago- are preparing to upload it so that we can all see it. They also have several stills from the movie, showing the tower itself, among other things. It should be fun, but bring a cardie just in case...

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