Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Verónica Rojas heads for stardom and will need our votes

SAN ROQUE In April 2009 we published an item titled Verónica Rojas: A Star is Born. We weren't far wrong. Since then this charming, beautiful girl has been hard at work gaining momentum in her chosen field: traditional Spanish singing of coplas. Our good friend José Antonio Rojas, her father and the foreman for the ARCGISA cleaning crews in Jimena, tells us that she has just been selected in a very tough TV competition on Canal Sur called Se Llama Copla (where we have to vote for her - and you will, too, won't you? - on Saturday evenings when the programme airs). She was one of ten chosen out of 1500 who turned up for the casting! But that's not all. Having her feet firmly on the ground, Verónica is combining her studies to become a teacher with having to travel to Seville every Tuesday and Saturday while she is in the competition, not to mention her musical studies, voice training etc.. (Prospero Note: I just love hearing good things about the young, about their energy - we hear so much about the bad stuff.)

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