Monday, 13 April 2009

Verónica Rojas: a star is born

If we haven’t posted anything on Verónica Rojas before, we can only kick ourselves. This girl from San Roque first went onstage as a singer at age 12, during a charity concert at the José Luis Galiardo Theatre in her native town. Now, she is starring on Spain’s Broadway, Gran Vía in Madrid) in a show called Enamorados Anónimos (loosely translated as ‘Lovers Anonymous), where she takes two parts. She has already had an album, which, she says, “was produced in only five days, and not enough time for subtleties,” and is preparing her second one with more time. If you’re wondering what the connection with Jimena is, her father is José Antonio Rojas, the foreman for the ARCGISA cleaning crews.

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