Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Urban transport at last!

No, sorry. This charming little train is only available during the Novena celebrations of Los Ángeles (or Estación). It travels through the streets of the village, starting and ending at Plaza Práxedes Gómez, by the railway crossing, where everything is happening during the three days of fun and games. This year's Novena starts this coming Friday, and we thoroughly reccommend this 'feria' (not strictly a feria, but - too long to explain here)! CHECK THE FULL PROGRAMME HERE.

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sue said...

What a great idea....and I bet its never empty over the Novena either!Obviously,it would be a bit precarious to have a train going up and down Jimena´s hills but a little shuttle bus would be great to take people to and from the clinic,market could do a continuous circuit including San Pablo and Estacion and a set fare of a euro would ensure that seats were filled and costs were covered.The taxi drivers(who seem to spend most of their time sitting in or outside the bars)could do shifts and save their cars for longer journeys.It would certainly make a lot more sense than charging 4euros to take one person to the train station and then returning to Jimena with an empty car!There WERE times when the taxi´s would be waiting outside the train station for fares.....obviously,they earn so much money doing what they do,they dont need to do that any more!!They dont even answer the phone at lunchtime,for goodness sake!I´ve had to walk back from Estacion loads of times after a days shopping in Algeciras because the train happens to come in at 4.20-ish!!The little bus system works down in Sabanillas,why not here?Glad I got that off my chest!by the way,any news as to when the Coronation of the Reina is going to be on the telly?Still waiting!