Tuesday, 3 August 2010

XVIII Full Moon Flamenco Festival at Castellar

The 28th edition of Castellar's Full Moon Flamenco Festival is coming up on Saturday, August 14, starting at 10pm. Mayor Francisco Vaca has apologised that this year it will only be for the one night. However, the quality of the music, in all its Flamenco facets, is excellent. The venue, inside the ancient castle, seats only 250, so if you want to attend, head right now for the Town Hall or the Alcázar Hotel, where you can get a ticket for €20. The opening act is cantaor José Lérida 'El Pañero', who began singing in public only last year, though he is 38. He comes from a long line of Flamenco singers, from the Triana vein. He is followed by Lidia Cabello, one of the new generation of bailaoras (dancers) and who began her career under the topmost star Cristina Hoyos. After that comes Macarena de Jerez, one of the purest voices of today. Closing out what is sure to be a wonderful evening is bailaor David Palomar, whose young age belies a career that includes dancing at the Bienal de Sevilla (can't go higher than that), with guitarist Vicente Amigo (one of the very best in the world) and the Palau de la Música in Barcelona as well as at the Teatro Real de Madrid.

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