Friday, 30 July 2010

New site feature and What Have You Missed On CampoPulse?

You may have noticed our new 'You might also like' feature at the bottom of each post. The items that come up there do so automatically, and refer to previous posts, so if you see something you might like to check on, just click on the image. As you will have noticed, too, there isn't much going up here on JimenaPulse, but that's because there's more going on in the Campo de Gibraltar than in this little corner of it, so make sure you head over there every now and then to catch up on our surrounding area. (and don't forget that we'll be moving everything over to that site by the end of the year, so put it, CampoPulse, in your favourites already, why not. Oh, and we're reviving the Readers' Choice and Have a Laugh weekend features, too - watch this space!

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