Monday, 3 May 2010

'Something smells bad'

(Original source: TioJimeno) At 25 past midnight, tonight, the RTVE programme, REPOR, is showing a report titled Algo Huele Mal (Something Smells Bad) about pollution in the Campo de Gibraltar and its impact on residents' health. Average life expectancy is twenty years less than the average for other parts of Spain, and the possibility nof contracting cancer is 50% above the average. Los Barrios, Algeciras and San Roque have the highest impact. Our air contains a large number of contaminants that, on their own, are aggressive and unhelthy; but even more dangerous is the sinergy between them - that is, breathing a mixture of these contaminants. Members of the Plataforma de Ciudadanos Rodeados por las Fábricas (Citizens Surrounded by Factories), accompanied reporters from the programme through Los Barrios (Read the whole story on CampoPulse)

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