Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Council announces help for families

Jimena Council's Department of Equality and Welfare, headed by Mercedes Segovia (left), has announced a package of help for families in straitened circumstances. The objective is to help families with an income below the Minimum Salary for 2010, or €633.30 per month. The measure consists of three amounts in an annual as-needed payment depending on accredited income and number of children. More information can be obtained at Jimena Social Services Dept. (Casa de la Cultura Leopoldo de Luis, phone 956 648 136 - photo) or at municipal offices in San Pablo and Tesorillo. Requirements: photocopy of NIE; certificate of co-habitation, Libro de Familia and a document attesting to income dated on the date of application. Councillor Segovia points out that the money to finance this scheme comes from a reduction in the salaries of the Mayor and his government, plus other help from Diputación de Cádiz.

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