Thursday, 13 May 2010

Calle Sevilla works start on Monday

The Council has announced that work on Jimena's main street, Calle Sevilla, is to start next Monday, May 17th. As JimenaPulse told you here, the work is extensive and not only on the main street but also Calle Romo. These being the village's main arteries, traffic and access is likely to be affected considerably. However, the work is essential to replace ancient, deteriorated pipes for sewage and water supply and will be carried out in phases. The image shows the scheduled phases (click to enlarge), and detailed traffic instructions for Phase 1 are below. We will keep you informed, so watch this space.>


Works on:
Cajasol alley and Calle Sevilla from Cajasol to Callejón de Trapito

Scheduled start date:

Scheduled changes to traffic:
  • Calle Sevilla closed
  • Change of direction of Calle Larga, Callejón de la Guapa and Jincaleta
  • No parking on Calle Larga from number 44 down and parking only on side, not both, along the whole street.
  • Vehicles coming down from Calle Consuelo must take Jincaleta towards Barrera.
  • No traffic down from San Francisco Church.

Rubbish collection will not be affected in this phase.

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