Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Major Jimena village roadworks to begin after Easter

(Image: GoogleMaps) The drainage, sewer and water supply pipes in Jimena village are fifty years old and have had very little maintenance in that time due to the impact this would have had on traffic on the main streets. The time has come, however. In a Town Hall statement released today it is announced that work will begin during the second half of April and will last at least six months. Initially, work will be carried out on the stretch of Calle Sevilla from the Cajasol corner up to Calle Yustos but it will also affect Calle Sol and Callejón del Gato as it descends to Calle Romo  (see map).>As this impacts on Jimena's two main roads, Sevilla and Romo, traffic will inevitably be affected as it will have to be cut off in sections as work progresses. This in turn will mean that traffic will have to be diverted at various points. Parking spaces are to be eliminated all along the area, so it will be obligatory to use the marketplace and the open space behind the primary school. Emergency vehicle access will not be restricted and nor will access affect deliveries to shops.
Mayor Pascual Collado has asked residents and visitors for patience and understanding, pointing out that the work is absolutely essential, particularly regarding dangerous subsidence that could be caused by water leakage from the old pipes.
The work is financed with €600,000 that comes from a levy that appears on our ARCGISA water bills under the word canon.

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