Thursday, 13 May 2010

'There but for the grace of Greece'

We are not economists here, which accounts for us not offering opinions on the economy. We are trying to refrain from offering opinions about the drastic measures being taken by the Zapatero government to cut back €190 billion of the country's deficit by 2013. It's difficult to bite our tongues, so we've left it to Alexander Bewick's Soap Box, where he says, "... at the top of the heap sit the fat cats who made vast, often illegal and fraudulent profits on land speculation throughout the country. Even Zapatero admits it: "Those who have had nothing to do with the recession, who did nothing to create it, are the ones who will have to make the greatest efforts to get out of it." Great. Another good socialist concept." He's also 'borrowed' the cartoon from DominGo, the thief!

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