Wednesday, 21 April 2010

'Is this the stupidest TV commercial ever?'

'Looking at it from Spain, it certainly is. It's also an insult to Spain as well as to my, and hopefully your, intelligence.' Our curmudgeonly colleague Alexander Bewick obviously has his dander up of late. Last week he lambasted the inequities of the Spanish judicial 'system' (his inverted commas, not ours), tying it in with Fascism, this time he prawnbastes the famous Jamie Oliver. Actually, we agree that Oliver needs a few lessons in geography, not to mention taste.

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Anonymous said...

Having watched the programme I found that Jamie Oliver gave a light hearted look at Andalusia. It showed some parts of Spain, that people not knowing, would think is a haven to eat and live in.It was not a joke show and the advert was not applicable to the show, Oliver has his own way of putting over the food of the World, and it is refreshing.