Sunday, 21 March 2010


As it says there on page 3: Welcome to the first issue of DominGo, the Sunday magazine in English that is part of a new online venture called OneLinePULSE Publications, now publishers of JimenaPulse, CampoPulse and our partner sites.
A bit of history. In March 2007 there began a very local blog called JimenaPulse, focused on Jimena de la Frontera. It grew and grew, to the point where we had to expand.
CampoPulse was born on October 1st, 2009, running parallel to its sister but covering the whole of the Campo de Gibraltar. We tried to give them a newsy look although they call themselves magazines.
So we had no choice but to come up with a proper magazine, on nice glossy paper, lots of pics and wider coverage. Not too big and heavy, so it had to be a colour supplement. And a colour supplement that appears with the news is traditionally published on DOMINGO, right?
This is what we came up with. Only 26 pages so far, but more to come. Enjoy!
Alberto Bullrich

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Sheila said...

Good one Alberto - I wish you every success