Monday, 15 February 2010

Weather closes roads

Following this morning's heavy rainstorm, we are informed that the road between Jimena and Tesorillo is closed again, and access to Tesorillo from the coast is also. The fact caused the Instituto in Jimena to 'suspend' classes at about noon today, so that the kids from Tesorillo could get home before it happened. We are also told that the only way to get to Algeciras, La Línea or Gibraltar from Jimena is via Castellar Nuevo.  According to TioJimeno, the bend opposite the petrol station in Estación was closed for a while this morning but is open now. Also, the A-405 road was flooded at Marchenilla and closed - reported at 11.47am. (Please let us know if you have any further information on the local road network.)

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