Monday, 15 February 2010

Weather alert throughout Spain

While most of Spain is under a weather alert of one sort or another (snow, rain, wind, etc.) the Campo de Gibraltar, the Strait and well inland and most of the province of Málaga has been on a YELLOW ALERT since 7am this morning. The same applies to tomorrow. Indeed, bad weather is expected until at least Friday the 26th, with very few breaks. (If it's any comfort to you, we had an e-mail from a friend in Denmark, who says he'd heard  that it has been pouring (in Jimena) like crazy and that it's not particularly warm either. My sympathies are somewhat muted by the fact that up here it is absolutely F*****G AMAZINGLY BLOODY FREEZING!!!! Snow, ice, dark, cold AND full of Danish people, Arghhhhh!!!! Anyway back in Spain soon, yeah!!!)

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