Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Could be a while before this is finished

(Press release) The A-4100 road that links Castellar with San Roque via Sotogrande (i.e. via the International School) and known locally as the Arenillas road, has been closed since February 8 because of  subsidence (photo). This secondary road, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Junta's Public Works and Transport Department, is used daily by hundreds of Jimena and Castellar travellers going to work on the coast. However, as the photo shows, it will be a while until it is repaired. The alternative road through Tesorillo can be cut off when the Guadiaro River floods, so a more reliable if dog-leg road is the new by-pass to Miraflores. (Note: If any of you daily drivers didn't know this, please get beamed down from your alternative planet now.)

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